Friday, August 26, 2005

the true joy of reviews

I'm loving the reviews. Its nice that theyre mostly pretty kind to the film, but the real joy is that I have an excuse to buy endless papers and magazines then sit around reading about post baby bodies, good books and food I can cook in 20 minutes that will ensure I live to 90 as well as please everyone in the house. etc. And then, to add small pleasures to joy; the headings and captions. We had such a run with the title of the film; I wish some of these sub editors had been around. Some faves have been;

-life, death and the whole damn thing
-train of thought
-dead keen on a laugh
-train delivers the goods
and -I knew casting my husband mean't he'd work for free.

then theres the captions to the still of Meryl looking at Nick. I love Who mag's
- Why didn't you tell me you're married to the director?

NW mag also had a funny one but I seem to have mislaid it, which is annoying as I was only half way through Kate Hudsons skinny crisis. Must go find.


Blogger Carmen said...

I just wanted to say Congralutions on such a wonderful film. As a mum of 2 it is nice to go and see a film that leaves something in your mind to think about apart from the everyday dramas that happen in a household! The last film I saw was Robots and I missed most of that due to toilet runs - why is it that kids need to check out the toilets of every new place that they visit? (Another of lifes' little mysteries!) I do need to ask what were you thinking about when you created this? Is it something that just comes to you as you go about everyday life or does it come in a big flash and you know what you're going to do from beginning to end all at once? Anyway whatever it is you have done a wonderful job - enjoy your moment!!

2:21 pm, August 29, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear sarah, just wanted to say congrats on the film (and on eliciting such amazing performances from the actors- your rather lovely husband especially!)anyway was extremely moved by the film and thus (after months of thought and dilemma) have decided to attempt to become a filmmaker- after all australia needs them! at 17 i have had some difficulties deciding on a career path and seeing LBW provided me with an epiphany of sorts! So thankyou for such an amazing film, and i only hope one day i can come close to the kind of movingly beautiful films (all your past animated films included) you can...thanks so much!

3:40 pm, August 29, 2005

Blogger Trev said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm a 50 year old man and your beautiful film helped me get in touch with some very deep feelings. Thank you so much for making such a remarkably honest and sensitive film. I laughed, I sighed and I cried. This is what story telling is all about. I loved everything about this film. The cast, the script, the little touches (eg the kids splashing in the puddles). Look forward to your next film,

Kind regards Trevor

12:20 am, August 30, 2005

Anonymous Jadranka said...

Hi, I'm a fan of any Aussie film, there is just something to them that Hollywood will never be able to capture. Maybe its the fact that we dont have to blow up the rest world to make a difference. Your film deals with everyday dilemas that are hard to deal with at the best of times.... Life, Death, Cancer, Marriage, Kids, relationships, work and the rest.... I had a tear in my eye at the end. Great job!

11:25 am, August 30, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lost my Father to cancer in April, it has been devastating, especially the constant flashbacks of his pain and suffering. I've heard about the 7 stages of grief often but never looked into it - "what's the point?". I cry at least once daily but manage remarkably well to get on with everything - work, raising kids, etc., In fact those around me probably feel I am coping very well, but the inner grief still consumes me. I finally decided to talk to a friend about this during a meal we had just before seeing your movie, having no idea of the subject matter of your movie. Once the story of your movie unfolded my poor friend thought that I would break down, but on the contrary, how comforting it was to witness someone else going through the same emotions and realising that it's all normal - especially his slight hostility towards how his Mother dealt with it - which he seemd to know, and I know is not a fair judgement - his Mother coped her way. Thankyou, I love it when I see a movie that stays with me.

4:35 pm, August 31, 2005

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