Friday, August 19, 2005

safe driving

Raining solidly in Melbourne and the last radio interview done. A funny conversation with Richard Stubbs on ABC 774 in Melbourne, a man who could out Meryl Meryl in his anticipation of looming disasters. It was hard not to join in and make it a neurotic 'what could possibly go wrong' fest. Especially when he had to break off one question to advise driving listeners of a five car pile up to avoid.
Well, obviously too hard, because I did join in. I somehow think Meryl would know the definitive answer to wether, in order to survive, you should open your car windows or not as your car plunges off the Westgate (or any) bridge.
Leaving the studios, I still couldn't decide the best option for myself, so took the simple solution; didn't take the bridge route home.
Welcome rain for us, but I do hope people will still find their way to a cinema to see the film on this nervous making opening weekend. (driving safely of course, with disaster plans ready or not)


Anonymous Troy Anderson said...

It was great weather in Sydney on Friday (it was even warm) so it was easy to avoid rain and disasters as my and I drove to the cinema. Past difficulties (if not disasters) did loom in our thinking when it came to chosing a cinema complex: our car has been broken into at Fox Studios but the other option, the Cremorne Orpheum, has airconditioning so cold you need to bring a scarf and beanie.

Anyway, LBW was fantastic. We loved every minute of it. Each of the characters and their stories was intersting and believable. There were no cliches and there was a depth of character that was quite amazing given the relatively limited screen time each one had.

I hope the opening weekend went extremely well. Congratulations on a great and interesting film: I think the 60 other beanie waering cinema goers at the Orpheum
would agree.

11:22 am, August 22, 2005

Anonymous Grahame Jackson said...

Brilliant moving story, great performance. Aus cinema at its best. Please give us more. Will tell all my friends.

10:53 pm, August 23, 2005


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