Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Look Both Ways 30th July

Saturday 3o July.

Screening of Look Both Ways at Melbourne Internationsl Film Festival. For some reason I decide to wear a tartan tie with a blue shirt and suit. Sarah Watt and I head into town to meet Bridgit Ikin ,Justine Clarke Tony Hayes, Andrew S Gilbert and more of the Look Both Ways gang for a pre screening drink. Nobody says anything about my tie. Started having a chat to festival Director james Hewittson about train films.

Everybody slightly nervous but pretty excited about the sold out screening at MIFF. No nobody has says anything about tartan tie! It's winner. Catch myself and my tartan glory reflected in bar mirror. I take off my tie.

As we walk from the bar to the cinema James Hewittson mutters to me"Good Move".
Streams of people waiting to go in and all of we Look Both Wayers are pooled in a little band at the bottom of the stairs.Chris Odgers the film"s first assistant Director rocks up. It's good to catch up with the people who worked on the film again.

we are led to our seats which are right down the front of the cinema , just below the screen. We sit with necks craned back as there are a few short speeches. One funny one from a spokesperson for the night's sponsor Holding Redlich. One from Bridgit and a sort of speech from Sarah. It is clear that despite who many,vareied and quite considerable gifts, public speaking is not one of them.

Actors are called out and introduced and we line up like little kids in front of the school on a Monday morning assembly ready for show and tell. Well it's really Sarah's show and tell and as the film begins we scatter.

Standing in the foyer with Bridgit after the screening it seems it's gone well.And at the after party bash thrown by Holding and Redlich people are happy and really positive.
I bang on about train films to anybody who will listen and come up with Runaway Train, The Railway Childeren and an absoloute beauty with Burt Lancaster with the imaginative title of "The Train"

It's been a good night. Fingers are crossed.

Anyway, Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways is out away out there and now it's off on the press safari.

William McInnes.


Blogger penny said...

After meeting William at the Grandview Hotel for his book release and hearing him talk with such enthusiaism about Look Both Ways, Im sure it will be Seriously Great! thanks Penny

5:32 pm, August 11, 2005

Anonymous Kath said...

The tie wasn't that bad! Ok it wasn't that great either.

I'm keeping a newsblog of promos, reviews, appearances and such that you guys are doing. Hope I can do my bit to get everyone seeing this beautiful, wonderful movie!

The link's in my name.


3:51 pm, August 21, 2005

Anonymous Barbara said...

We saw the preview in Perth a few weeks ago, looked at each other and said, "one to see"... last week I went to see William and Andrew, and (Robert Drew) in Perth at the ABC's Doona Day, and yesterday, at last saw Look Both Ways.

Sarah Watts - a wonderful story, thank you for bringing it to us. You made us cry, laugh, cry again and smile.
The main protagonists were all very powerful, but the silence of the other people was so important, it reached my heart.
Thank you all.

9:23 am, August 25, 2005


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