Monday, August 15, 2005

Fear and Comfort

Yesterday Barbara Masel and I went a fascinating event, held after a preview screening of LOOK BOTH WAYS in Sydney.

Three professionals in the field of grieving and caring for the dying were to speak about their reactions to the film: Judy Arpana (Senior Educator Spiritual Care Program Sogyal Rinpoche Organization), Dr Roger Cole (Palliative Care Physician), and Diana Sands (psychotherapist).

I was worried whether anyone would turn up, at 10.30 on a Sunday morning, for this screening and discussion, advertised as "Facing our greatest Fear".

On the way, I left my warm woollen jacket in the taxi. Several minutes later - before I realised what I'd done - the taxi driver turned up at the cinema to give it back to me. Such a thoughtful act of kindness from a stranger, who'd driven back specially to find me.

The cinema was rather full, and very full of emotion. The panel, led by psychotherapist/ author Judith Pernell, talked about their responses to the film. They'd been moved by the film's truthful depiction of the awkwardnesses surrounding cancer and death, our clumsiness and inability to know what or when to speak - and that sometimes it's the silences that speak most strongly. They talked too, about the relief of the humour in the film, and how real those moments felt.

Sarah and Barbara and I had really aimed to capture the world and behaviour of the characters truthfully, but you never really know if you've 'got' until it's in front of an audience. So it was so exciting to hear the panellists talk with such enthusiasm. To hear that they now want to share the experience of viewing the film ("it's about how to live your life!") with their students, their patients, their friends and family was truly gratifying. We emerged into the fresh sunny day, full of life and friendship, and the desire to eat lunch together, me clutching my warm jacket safely.

- Bridget Ikin


Anonymous Stella said...

Dear Mum
i dont see you enuogh stop going to these screening things.
From Stella

8:35 pm, August 16, 2005

Anonymous Stella said...

Dear Mum
i dont see you enuogh stop going to these screening things.
From Stella

8:42 pm, August 16, 2005

Anonymous mb said...

This was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the honesty and vulnerability of this film with people who deal with loss and grief daily. Although discussing it's validity for health professionals was interesting and motivating, I wished we could have shown more appreciation for the production itself.

This is such a success for Australian film - I feel like I have been introduced to some amazing talent and I can't wait to see more from this cast!

Thank you also to Bridget for your time and comments on Sunday morning, I wish we could have heard more from you throughout the discussion.

I've not stopped telling everyone I know to see this movie, I wish you all happiness and success. Thank you for sharing such a personal and intimate journey with us!

10:21 pm, August 16, 2005


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