Monday, August 15, 2005

back to the cold with a cold

Very good to be home after a little LBW tour of the eastern states. Anyone else Melbourne stranded this winter will sympathise with my (much fantasised about and supposedly sun drenched) trip to Byron Bay; it rained! I had to wear a parka! So now I have bought a cold home, and I just have to do a radio interview outside in the (I must admit superior) Melbourne wind and rain... lucky Nina-Marie from arts access was so nice and generous to the film. And so many other people. It has been so good to hear so many personal and positive responses to the film. It always felt like such a collaboration from the start, that hopefully everyone could join in owning, to hear people also do that as an audience is pretty great.
well just a short blog to break the non blogging that has been happening from my end. I'm sure to get addicted but now must take small girls to a dancing class and pick up a boy from swimming lessons. cheers,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great film. Well done.

12:43 pm, August 18, 2005

Blogger Sarah Watt said...

Raining solidly in Melbourne and the last radio interview done. A funny conversation with Richard Stubbs on ABC 774 in Melbourne, a man who could out Meryl Meryl in his anticipation of looming disasters. It was hard not to join in and make it a neurotic 'what could possibly go wrong' fest. Especially when he had to break off one question to advise driving listeners of a five car pile up to avoid.
Well, obviously too hard, because I did join in. I somehow think Meryl would know the definitive answer to wether, in order to survive, you should open your car windows or not as your car plunges off the Westgate (or any) bridge.
Leaving the studios, I still couldn't decide the best option for myself, so took the simple solution; didn't take the bridge route home.
Welcome rain for us, but I do hope people will still find their way to a cinema to see the film on this nervous making opening weekend. (driving safely of course, with disaster plans ready or not)

5:29 pm, August 19, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome film, normally i hate my year 12 english classes but since we are studying look both ways coming to class is always intriguing.

thank you for this beautifully crafted film.

10:01 pm, August 28, 2007


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